Red Rose Tin for Calendar Series Figurines

Price: $14.00
New!  Red Rose tin for Calendar Series Figurines! 
This Keepsake Tin has been made exclusively for Red Rose figurines.  The cover has the Red Rose logo, and text that says FIGURINES, Handcrafted by Wade of England.
Each keepsake tin is crafted with custom foam inserts to treasure your Calendar Series figurines.  One insert is placed in the bottom to cushion the figurines, then a thick middle piece of foam is custom cut to fit the Calendar Series figurines perfectly inside.  Another foam insert goes on the top to cushion the figurines from all directions. 
Price: $14.00
Dimensions (approximate) 7" x 5.5" x 2"
Makes an excellent gift for any Wade figurine collector. 
**Tin does not come with figurines inside**
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