Red Rose Decaf Black Tea (48ct)

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For tea lovers with concerns about caffeine, we offer Red Rose Naturally Decaffeinated Tea Bags. Red Rose is decaffeinated using a natural ethyl acetate process and once brewed produces a bright, pleasant cup of tea.
Discover the mile-high flavor of Red Rose Tea. Hand-picked from some of the world's finest mountain tea estates, Red Rose is expertly blended to deliver a superior cup of tea. Tea leaves grown at higher elevations produce tea of higher quality and flavor. That's why, for more than a century, Red Rose Tea has carefully selected leaves from tea estates nestled in the mountains of the world's finest growing regions. From your very first sip, you will taste the difference quality makes.
Good news for collectors! Red Rose Tea is making it easier than ever to complete your Wade Nautical Wonderland Series collection. With our new mail-in system, you can select which figurines you would like to receive, so you can quickly collect the series or give them to family and friends. Look inside for more information, as well as your order form.
*Ingredients: Decaffeinated black tea
* Gluten Free

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