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Where does Red Rose Tea come from?
Red Rose carefully selects the best grades of tea... from the finest estates in the world. The superior blend of Red Rose is a favorite among tea drinkers because of its expert blending from fine tea estates in Kenya, Ceylon, India and Indonesia.
  • The Kenya Arroket tea estate is situated at 6,000 feet altitude, west of the Great Rift Valley and close to the equator in the Highlands of Kenya. Climate characteristics of this region are important contributing factors to the production of a rich, full-bodied aroma and flavor, which is much sought-after both privately, and at auction.

  • Red Rose also uses teas from Sri Lanka that are grown between 2,000 and 3,500 feet. Cold winds in the evenings and clear days enhance the quality of the tea bushes making the flavor full bodied, rich and mellow with a rosy red appearance.

  • Tea from South India smoothes out the highs and lows for other teas which makes it useful in blending. Red Rose sources this tea from medium elevations.

  • Indonesian tea lends bright and flowery characteristics and light color to the Red Rose blend. Top notes of the complete flavor symphony come from tea sourced in the higher elevations of Indonesia making the Red Rose Tea blend complex and developed.
Redco Foods is regulated by the FDA, NYS Agriculture and Markets, certified SQF 2000 Level 2, HACCP, Organic (NOFA-NY), and Kosher (KVH).
Is Red Rose "Fair Trade" Tea? Ethical sourcing:
Redco Foods makes every effort to ensure that the tea we purchase comes from a reputable source and is purchased in a socially responsible manner. Our staff, as well as our importers, have personally visited our tea suppliers and have monitored conditions at the country of origin. Our teas are subject to the strictest quality standards and go through a thorough testing program before they are accepted into our facility for packaging.
How is Red Rose Tea Decaffeinated?
Ethyl Acetate (EA) is a solvent used to extract caffeine. EA is a simple combination of naturally derived compounds present in some foods we eat such as bananas and other fruits. The EA method of decaffeination adheres to standards set by the Tea Association of the USA. This does not create a toxicity hazard to one's health.
Where can I find Red Rose Tea in my state?
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